NITI Aayog

Flagship Committee

NITI Aayog or more formally The National Institution for Transforming India, is a “state of art” organization, which ideates policies with a modern perspective. The institution is responsible for ideating new directives and to create long term programs and initiatives.
The committee was formed in 2015, to replace the Planning Commission; NITI Aayog was set to revamp the previous committee by bringing in the concept of Cooperative Federalism and a “Bottom up” approach. Co-operative federalism hopes in bringing states together to act in national interest, and a bottom up approach ensures that the less economically fortunate are considered first.

Executive Board

Miheer Jain

Prime Minister

Avinash Tripathy

Vice Chairperson


Discussing the application of Artificial Intelligence in driving economic recovery

Artificial Intelligence has been a disruptive force throughout industries and economies, it has provided promising results in transforming the way humanity perceives things. AI has been recently gaining a foothold in many governmental policies, and adopting such policies have helped in improving key aspects of governance.

The current situation has led the economy into a dire state, but AI seems to be a promising candidate in revitalizing the economy. With penetration in almost every sector AI based policies truly can have a deep impact on the economy. But a few questions remain; Is today’s AI advanced enough to compete with general ideologies? Is AI scalable enough to change the lives of more than a billion people?




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