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The Parliament of India (Bharatiya Sansad) is a bicameral legislature which comprises of the President, Rajya Sabha and The House of the People - Lok Sabha. It was founded on the 26th January 1950 by the Constituent Assembly of India which was elected to draft the constitution of Independent India in 1947. Its members served as the Nation's first Parliament.

The Indian Constitution is drafted with the vision of making it unique for its content and spirit such that it can decide the rule of the land and is taken as the supreme law of the land. The constituent assembly has also given scope for amendments in it with time. Hence, the Indian Constitution of what it is today has undergone substantive changes on account of several amendments.

Executive Board

Aditya Lele


Hrishikesh Gayakwad

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Discussing the The Constitution (Forty-second Amendment) Bill, 1976
(Freeze date: 1st November, 1976)

The 42nd Amendment act (also called The Constitution Act, 1976) is termed as 'one of the most controversial acts' in the history of amendments to the Indian Constitution. It was responsible for changing the description of India from a "sovereign democratic republic" to a "sovereign, socialist secular democratic republic", and also changed the words "unity of the nation" to "unity and integrity of the nation". Additionally, the 'Fundamental Duties' of citizens were added upon the recommendations of the Swaran Singh Committee that was constituted by the government in 1976. It was also alleged to attempt to reduce the power of the judiciary by curtailing the judicial review power of the high courts

The amendment had received a fair share of both, criticism and appreciation. Mumbai Yuva Sansad simulates the Lok Sabha of 1976 to give the youth an opportunity to voice their opinion on the question of secularism, judicial power and the fundamental rights of our citizens.




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