The All India Political parties meet is a body that is supplementary to the parliament that was created to facilitate unrestricted national political debate which the constraints of the Parliament may not allow. It is a forum wherein diverse political personalities from all positions within and beyond the government convene to present their political perspectives and often to build consensus on matters of national relevance before the start of Lok Sabha.
Unlike other committees, the AIPPM is a venture that was created to allow for unimpeded deliberation that is not contained by rigid rules of procedure. And to this end, the AIPPM is characterised by heated debates, cross talks, and high levels of negotiations unseen in most other committees, offering delegates a truly raw and unique experience of Indian politics.

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Joanna Joseph


Kaushal Singh

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Discussing the possibility of One Nation, One Election

The term “One Nation, One Election” is a colloquial reference to the idea of simultaneous elections — an idea which has been present throughout the history of Independent India. Simultaneous elections would mean voting for the Parliament, the State Assemblies, and the Local Bodies taking place at the same time.

As a voter, you would cast your vote for electing members to all three tiers of the government on the same day, but how will this impact political campaigning? Will large parties drown out the voices of small parties? Will local issues be ignored in large scale campaigns? The notion of One Nation, One Election also brings with it many considerations to be made regarding the logistical issues involved in conducting elections for the world’s largest democracy at the same time.




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