Mumbai Yuva Sansad

The Yuva Sansad focuses on creating a unique opportunity for the students to learn the essence of the Indian political scenario. The participants role-play as various political stakeholders representing their constituency. Participants research the given agenda, understand party policies, investigate local issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then form solutions to the given problems. This is an academic simulation of a spectrum of Indian Political Forums that aims to educate delegates about current events, topics in political relations, bills and current agendas of the central and/or state government and the role of the opposition.

The first edition of Mumbai Yuva Sansad was held on 10th-11th October, 2020.



A debonair personification of international diplomacy, Mumbai MUN has been a conduit, transcending academia into pertinent leadership. An assorted collection of UN committees to pursue, it proffers an engaging opportunity for delegates vying for meaningful deliberation.


As is inherent to the nature of this unique MUN Conference, IntraMUN makes a platform that offers a perfect blend of simplicity for the novice MUNer and relevance of agendas for the expert MUNers.


Blast From the Past

Get a glimpse of some of our previous events from the past!
Hope to see you there next time!

Voter Registration Drive

We believe and diplomacy go hand-in-hand. With this idea in mind, we ideated a voter registration drive before the elections in 2019, in hopes to encourage our generation to vote. The message behind this drive was to bring about awareness on how important every single vote is. Additionally, we succeeded in putting forth the idea that true democracy is a black ink mark on the fingers of Indian citizens.

Tata Memorial Centre

Our team had the opportunity to visit a hospice, working along with Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai which provided the much needed and sparse haven that children with cancer and their families need. On this occasion to promote awareness, MUN Society appeals to everyone to spread awareness and sensitivity about Pediatric Cancer.

Project Evolve

Project Evolve was MUNSOC’s endeavour to branch out into non-MUN activities, and invite artists to showcase their art. Evolve contained 3 vertical- Art, Public Speaking and Outdoors. Each vertical hosted their own mini-events in order to promote artistic expression and college community engagement.

Here's a few more of our most memorable events

Midnight Cycling

Midnight cycling and the photo-walks on the streets of Mumbai

Smile Foundation

Our Volunteering opportunity with the Smile Foundation


The trek to Harishchandragadh Fort , Vikatgadh, Korigad, Prabalgadh

Our collaboration with ONGC

Our collaboration with ONGC to host an intra-college debate themed “Preventive vigilance as a tool for good governance”

Oxford-style Endeavour Debate

The Oxford-style Endeavour Debate to celebrate UN Day