About MUN Society

Who Are We

At MUNSoc, we deliver best-in-class ad inspire change like no other. Be it out alumni, or an executive spending their first year with us, we are more than just another Society; we are nothing short of family.


We envision our team to be the forerunners in creating positive change through debate and diplomacy. We strive to nurture a community of forward-thinking individuals, the kind that can potentially change our future for the better.


If you ever find yourself wondering how we stand as strong as we do, through fire and ice; the answer you seek lies in the Five Pillars that make us who we are-

Community Service

Attempting to bring about social transformation drives us like nothing else. The events we organize serve as stepping stones to a larger, more positive change that can help enhance community engagement.


A space for all personalities dedicated to bringing about systemic changes. Our dynamic network of leaders commit the responsibility of ensuring excellence in what we do.


MUN Society’s fluid structure ensures progress beyond departments. We strive to inculcate a lasting sense of responsibility and the ability to visualize the larger goal; transforming our team into rational leaders of tomorrow. The exponential growth of our members manifests in all they do; in their present and their future.


We inherit brilliance. Be it our cherished alumni of the yesteryear tirelessly working to give back to the society, or our fresh recruits, brilliance is a constant. The now-Graduates who were a part of MUN Society have spread their wings all over the globe showing astronomical potential in their respective fields. Their expertise is what mentors our leaders and our team today.


Change an unequivocal element to embrace if one wishes to succeed in today’s time. From orchestrating shifting stratagems to developing new designs and technology, MUN Society at MPSTME takes pride in its numerous innovations over its remarkable 10-year-old legacy.